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Hello People!

Well, as you know by now, it is the end of the school year here for us in Canada. In a few short days I will be leaving grade 7 in elementary school for grade 8 in high school.

It has been an amazing year, and I have learned how to write on a blog for other people to see. Over the past few months, I have not been editing or giving any more posts, and I have discontinued Lost. I am sorry to say, I will not be writing on this blog anymore.


*Eruptions of sadness and sobs from all across the universe*

I know. I know how sad you will all be, but I simply have lost the interest.I have found more fun in other things, and so I don’t have the time or mindset to continue.

Maybe I might make a new post every once in a while, maybe when I am going into another grade. After all, I will graduate high school in five years…

Anyways, I just wanted to thank anyone and everyone who visited my blog. I would also like to thank Ms. Smith (aka Queen of The Universe) for showing me how to make a blog.

I have had so much fun, and I wish good luck to the grade 7’s next year! Forever will I yell Huzzah!

-Autumn M.


Wattpad Writer!


Hello People!


wattpad photo

My own Photo (screenshot)

Long time no see! Well, long time no see-my-writing-on-this-blog I guess. Anyway! Hello!

Okay, I know that many many many people out there who read this are most likely are either a fangirl or fanboy of some kind! I am one of them. As I have probably mentioned before, I love the show Doctor Who. I also love marvel, Sherlock and Supernatural (no spoilers for supernatural, I am on season two at the moment!)

What is it that we spend most of our time on, in our fandom’s? Yeah we spend a lot of time on tumblr, Facebook, Instagram, Pintrest etc. (I personally have a Doctor Who Amino) But where else? Yes! We read Fan Fiction! Whether we want to admit it or not, no matter what kind, we have probably all at one point or another read a Fan Fic or have written one. We are all warriors of a Fandom!

But a great deal of my time reading and finding new Fan Fic is on Wattpad! Love it! I only just found out about it a year ago, and I am obsessed! I am constantly looking for new stories that go into my interest! But, one of my favorite series is the Bad Wolf Chronicles.

Currently, the amazing writer Hayley (Also known as WritersBlock039) is on her eighth book of the series, which I think is absolutely incredible! If you have ever tried writing any form of story or poem or even song, you will probably have an idea how hard it is  write a piece of it, let alone eight whole books! In my opinion, she is an amazing writer, and she is still in high school! People may discredit Fan Fiction as dumb, or be humiliated that they read it or write it, but why? Some of the most creative writing I have written or read has come out in this form, and she is definitely one of the best out there!

The series begins with a marvel super hero, Jessie Nightshade, when she meets the Doctor. The writing starts at the first series of New Who (2005) and she replaces Rose Tyler in the story. Now everyone, calm down! If you are a Whovian (fandom name of Doctor Who fan) then you most definitely know who Rose Tyler was. And you may be freaking out over your OTP’s, (Rose and 10, Rosex10) don’t freak out! It is really amazing! and with her work, you can definitely tell she puts her hear into it!!

I recommend her series, as well as her others such as the Creator’s Saga or Apocalypse Rising.
Her Page -> -WritersBlock039-





Me and My Shadow


Hello People!

Autumn me and my shadow blured face.2

Question(s) of the day! What do you think of my art? What would your shadow be doing in your art?


*Imagine hearing this in an intense narrator voice!*

As you walk on the sidewalk along the old creepy dark ally way, the light illuminating from across the street with every step you take. Beside you, you become alarmed of the shadowy figure walking with you. You start to run, but they follow you exactly. This is when you realize that this figure is……… YOUR SHADOW!!!!


Well hello everyone! I hoped you guys liked the AWESOME intro =D I have been working in class on an art project called me and my shadow! Hence, the title for the blog!

With this project, we needed to take a picture of ourselves and create a shadow in the picture what you love or want to do when you are older!
I chose to make my shadow holding a book, while having spray paint saying best selling author. I honestly really hope to be noticed by a corporation so I can publish any of my stories that I write. Ever since I was really little, I have always wanted to become a really well known author of a huge story!

As you know, with the story I had written on my blog (which is now on wattpad) I have a creative style and imagination for writing.

“But Autumn! How do we make this fabulous creation that is beauty that you have bestowed on us?” I here you saying your computer. Well, being the kind person I am (wink wink) I have made a list of how to create this fine piece of art at your own home!

  1. Get someone to take a picture of you doing a pose. the pose you choose could resemble what the shadow will be doing, or it can be what ever you want.
  2. After you have an image of yourself, cut it out. Draw a line across the page about 10 cm from the bottom.
  3. When your line had been drawn at a point where you prefer it, glue your figure below the line. The line itself is where the floor and the wall behind you meet. Your shadow will be the one standing on the line.
  4. Draw the outline of your shadow lightly, because if you make a mistake, you can erase it. Once you have come to the point where you are happy with the design of the pose your shadow is, color it with a dark color or pencil. Make sure that all of the shading of the black or grey you are using, not all different hues. You don’t want to see any of the outlines of the shadow.
  5. Once you have completely shaded or colored your shadow, use a ruler to connect the feet of your picture and your shadow. Make sure the lines are straight, and as they reach the shadow, you can make them a tiny bit smaller then what you have on the photo’s feet.
  6. Create a background. You can make a background of your drawing to make a setting. But make sure that what you are “standing” in front of is a flat wall. Shadows don’t form right if there are weird bumps, or if it is on an open setting.
  7. Sign your name at the bottom in a cool fashion! All major artists sign their names at the bottom, so make a cool logo for yours!

I chose the background of an old brick building because of the complexity to them. I love the look of old objects or settings, and I wanted to place spray paint in the drawing. I wanted to make an effort to do something different to tell the onlooker what the shadow was, while at the same time make it work with the surrounding.
I know that you can probably go to an old brick wall in an old ally way, and most likely at one point or another you will find graffiti. I wanted to use street art to make an awesome impact!

I never want to have a favorite part of any of my art, because I don’t think that I should boast and brag. But honestly, I don’t have a favorite part. I love the graffiti and I worked hard on it, even though it may not look like the real thing. I love the artistic value in all of my work, and although that sounds really “artsy” it’s not,

I love the idea and characteristics of my art, and I had fun making this one!

Edited by Nathan 


Autumn me and my shadow blured face. 3

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Lost: Chapter 7


Chapter 7: Enemy…

Royal Marines Conducting Boarding Training With SA80 Rifles and Laser Light Modules
Defence Images via Compfight 

I awake with a start, and I scream loudly. My head pounds from an extremely painful migraine. I can feel the crust of blood on my fore head where the man hit me. My leg pounds from my heartbeat and the pain in my chest because I can’t breathe almost makes me sick.
I am in a dark room, with  florescent red light that gives off a creepy illumination of the room I am in. As my head pounds, I examine my prison like I have done many times before, and feel more pain from my wrists. The blue electric light that faintly glows among the red burn my arms and wrists. The hot metal around my hands smoke into my writs, burning me. The handcuffs are held together by a bendable but durable metal glow from the heat. I scream in pain while my fists tighten and my feet struggle. The unbearable pain from my yelling hurts my head even more, and can’t decide which of all my injuries are the worst. The cold metal floor is freezing compared to my burnt flesh, so I press them against it. The room around me reflects myself and all of the light, for the walls are mirrors. The metal that holds my handcuffs together is connected to another strong wire coming from the floor. As I lay in pain, tethered to the floor an announcement comes through and intercom. The soothing female voice says fluently to me in the language of the soldiers, then proceeds to speak in other languages while repeating the same message. When she reaches English, I listen intensively to fulfill my curiosity.

“Stage one process complete. The results as shown… approved. Stage two will commonsense tomorrow at 0:900 hours. Thank you for your participation, and have a lovely day” she finishes. The woman sounded almost like a robot as she spoke without hesitation nor mistakes. My hands tremble as I feel the electricity stop flowing into the handcuffs and I can see the blue light disappear. But I can still feel the harsh burns, and they almost cut into my flesh. The charred and raw skin that lay burning on my arm give me tears, but feel relieved as I press them against the soothingly cold floor.

My ears ring from the sound of the electricity, as it was a piercing sound through my head that added to the migraine. I can barely hear the footsteps against the metal floor outside my prison. The door does not slide up like the others that I have seen, instead the giant wheel on it turns, and a girl comes through the doorway. The metal screeches and echoes all around, and she walks into the room. Through the difficulty of the lighting, I can guess from the color of her suit hers is the same as mine. She has shiny black boots and her sleeves stop at her writs. Her long, curly dark hair flows from above her eyes to below her shoulders. She steps with caution towards me, and I guess she is fifteen, two years younger then I.

“Hello Kalem…” The girls starts. She has a familiar touch to her. Her blue eyed and tan skinned face give me a curious and cautious stare. ” I am sorry that you were in the trial today. I know… I know how they retrieved you and I give my most sincerest apologies. Halann and Kase were hard on you, and I am sorry the commander hit you like that, but to be fair you did kill one of our own. One of the last of us…” her eyes fall to the floor. “That blonde woman, Officer Alla Hayden, you committed a large offense. Your Demo will start tomorrow. I shouldn’t even be talking to you, but, I needed to give you a heads up. They won’t go easy on you. You are only to speak when they ask you a question, other wise you will be in big trouble, and I mean BIG.”

I stare at the girl. I know her! I think to myself. I feel almost as if I trust this girl, because I really do know her. “Why are you telling me this? Why are you helping me? Who are you? You don’t look like a soldier.” I stare at the brunette haired girl, and study her expression. She smiles sweetly and laughs.
“It’s ’cause I’m not! heh, I was captured into the resistance eight years ago. My mom was convicted of conspiring with the east, the government of Kaskel. A-Are you a scientist from the Nova base project?”
I stare at her, wondering how I should answer. “If you are a scientist, then you could be in even bigger trouble already. If not, and you are one of the Alternate Human Systems it wont’t be as bad.”
“I… I don’ know. I don’t remember anything of the last how ever many years, I know I walked out my front door and…” I hesitate.
“And what?” the girl inquires.
“I walked down my street. It was raining, and foggy. I went to cross the road, and a car was coming my way. I felt my neck break, I fell and I was awake, and a man came out of the vehicle. He… he had a tattoo around his eye, and he was about fifty, sixty I don’t know. But, he also had a woman with him. A blind woman… She, actually looked a little like you” I say, gesturing towards her.
“OK, if what you say is true then you are and A.H.S.” she replies.
“What is that? What is an Alternate Human System?” I inquire to her.
“An Alternate Human System is almost like a clone. A lab made body, and when a mind dies, from the future, past or present, it is harvested from it’s time and used in the clone. It is given a new life. I guess that’s what we are…”
“Wait, we?” I say with a surprised expression. She walks over to me, and crosses her legs in a butterfly formation.
“Yeah. That’s what my “mom” did. She was a scientist working for the Kaskel, and I died in 1987. My name was Julia Roberts, but, uh, now it’s… it’s Tara. Tara Alec. They give you a new name, depending on what year it is.” she gives me an odd expression, then smiles. “I had cancer. I can remember my real mother, and apparently there is no record of my biological dad, well, Julia’s dad. Us A.H.S.’s aren’t allowed to refer ourselves from our past lives. But, I was eleven years old when I had “the dream”-”
“The dream? What’s that?” I scoot over to Tara and she looks cautious, but ultimately gives me a look of trust.
“You know, when you are getting harvested it can be extremely painful so they give you an anesthetic, a dream painkiller, so you can be the hero for someone. Mine was there was a six year old on the ice and it was breaking. It was a little boy, and he was falling in. I saved him, but in the dream you always “die” or you “pass out” to show that you are waking from the dream. They call it “field testing” but we all know what it is. What was yours, if you don’t mind me asking?”
I look at her curiously. She acts as if she is my best friend, the way she tells me everything. That must be why I recognized her. She reminds me of Rose… But if Rose wasn’t real, then who else does she remind me of? I realize she is patiently expecting me to reply, and I do.
“I saved a blind woman, her name was Rose, from a man who was trying to kidnap her in an ally way. They, the woman and the man, are the ones who ran me over. I dreamed that I was in 1965” I almost start to laugh at how ridiculous it was. How I thought it was reality, how crazy this all was, how I was going to get home. An alarm goes off, and the same woman who made the announcements comes on the P.A.
“Subject Breach. Alternate Human System Number 887 please return to your dorm or force will be needed.”
Tara gives a worried look. “Crap, they noticed I’m gone! Kalem, tomorrow after your Demo when we get into the feeding area meet main the farthest corner away from the marshal’s tower. It’s behind a corner. We need to get out of here!” She gives me a look of desperation.She runs out the door and shut’s it behind her. I relay what she told me to do. And I do promise that I will meet her tomorrow.

End of Chapter 7

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What would I want to be if I were an Ancient Human?


Question(s) of the Day: What human would you be?


Hello People!

Human Evolution! Science! Where do we come from?! These are interesting topics that we as the human race have discussed, researched and developed information on for centuries. We are always coming up with the same question at what point or another, or variations. “How or where did humans come from?” or “Why are we here?”

Now, human evolution can be tricky to keep track of, keeping in mind the fact that there were many breeds of human beings at one point or another. I have another question that might surprise you. I am into certain topics in math and science, but the topic of how humans work, their anatomy and how we came to be at our current form is amazing if you think about it, and that interests me the most. Although one million years sounds like a long time, compared to the earth and the rest of the galaxy, or even the universe, its not that long. We humans, a species in a whole, with all of our different types and breeds through evolution, have not been alive for more then about six to seven million years. And yet, we have about seven BILLION people living on our planet today! No, my question here, although obscure, is “What early human would I have liked to have been?”

Honestly, my choice would be Homo Sapiens, the closest ancient species of human to the modern one (We are Homo Sapiens Sapiens)
Why? Why would I choose these particular human beings out of the many? I am very interested in history. Why we do things, when, what tragedy. How people lived in the long ago, what it would be like to live before me. History is in our DNA. We have clues about who we are, or clues about our ancestors in our bones, literary.



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Happy 50th Charlie Brown!


Charlie Brown Christmas Charlie and LinusCreative Commons License John Flannery via Compfight


Hello People!

For fifty years this iconic pop-cultural young man has been in comics and Holiday specials, and is known all through North America! Charlie Brown’s “A Charlie Brown Christmas” Aired in 1965, and the peanuts classic has been easily recognizable for all this time, and has been loved by the children who first saw the film!
Through the love of Christmas, I brought in a copy to my class and we watched the film. We saw how the animators worked with the technology to create a moving picture across the screen, and we took a closer look at the movie. We were introduced to a sheet with a series of questions we needed to answer. We would answer along, and we would really think about the questions. I am writing about one of the questions and what they mean,  how I connect and how the story writers and workers of the film made the peanuts cast.\

My question that I am choosing is “Why does Linus Quote the Bible?” In the animated film, Linus (Charlie Brown’s best bud) quotes the bible in the school auditorium, and explains what Christmas is all about. I am not extremely religious, but I do know why Linus quoted. Charlie Brown asked if anyone knew the real meaning of Christmas, which meant Charlie was saying that he thought that Christmas had become to commercial. In a way, Christmas today has, with all the gifts under the tree and the money we spend when not only a century ago we were having smaller items for gifts and there were less. Linus quotes the bible to show that he knows the true meaning, and that little tree only needs some love and it will grow. Humanity didn’t have a lot not long ago, and discrimination against woman and others with different colored skin was everywhere, but now we have money to spend on presents and gifts to see your child smile at all of the wrapped toys but, only to find next year that there wasn’t as much.

The true meaning of Christmas is family, peace and love. To hold your loved ones together and to share your big dinner around the table, it is just a privilege to be with them when any day could be your last or their last, or you might not have enough to have a belly filling dinner. Life is celebrated on Christmas, and we celebrate beauty and happiness and how you show it. Linus quoted the bible not for only those who were religious, but the animators intentionally added the quote for all religions for all without. Everyone can understand that any holiday is to be spent with your loved ones and the quote told that in a child’s cartoon for them all to think about. To thinks about after watching the movie and what happened in it, and what there is more to Christmas then the price tags under the tree.

Written by Autumn
Edited by Aerin!

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Top 5 best movies around the Holidays!


Charlie Brown Christmas Charlie Has HopeCreative Commons License John Flannery via Compfight

Question(s) of the day: What is your favorite childhood Christmas movie?


I love Christmas, it is probably my most favorite time of year! I have made a list of my top five most favorite movies to watch during the Holidays! They may not all be Holiday movies, but my family and I watch them non the less! Inside, I will always be a child and these are some of the best!

5. Charlie Brown Christmas! 3+
My teacher (Ms. Smith) and my grandmother both love this movie, and so do I. This 1960’s classic talks about the true meaning of Christmas, and it is definitely a good choice for the Holidays.

4. Home Alone: 1 and 2! 10+
I loved these movies! They were the best out of the series, and I actually don’t like the others. My family and I will sit down near Christmas and watch Home Alone because of the funny content, and the heart warming learning of Kevin. Also because of the fact that this would never actually happen!

3. Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch who stole Christmas
Original! 4+
I saw this with my grandmother as well, and I have seen it during the holidays ever since! I love this movie and it deserves to be on this list.

2. Frosty the Snowman (original)! 3+
Another fun kids classic, I remember watching this with my brother and sister. We would sit in front of the TV with our little foam chairs and watch it over and over!

1.Christmas Vacation! 14+
I love this movie, all though there are some iffy parts. My family and I watch it all the time, and it has been a tradition since my dad was a kid. This movie really quite funny and entertaining to watch, and my parents make silly jokes and quote it around the holidays.

Thanks for reading and comment down below in what I could have added or what your favorite movie is! If you agree with my choices, also comment!


Edited by: Owen

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Snowy Days: A Christmas Special!




Carnet d'hiver 16 Jean-Marc Linder via Compfight

I look through the windows of the of the living room, to find they are fogged up. I wipe away the cold frost with my sleeve to see the glistening white snow on my front yard. With excitement I run to the closet with my fluffy winter coat, my green snow boots, my hat and my warm gloves. With the pounding of my feet, my little sister runs in. Her orange hair in a fritz and her green eyes full of tiredness, she gives me a look of despise.

“What are you doing, Margo?” she asks with a yawn. “It’s to early to be up! I was just having a good sleep”

“Sarah, don’t you see the snow? There is snow everywhere!” I reply with excitement as I zip up my coat.

“Mom won’t be happy when she finds you out there. She needs to know first”

“Sare, don’t tell her. She will be even angrier if we wake he up at eight o clock on a Saturday morning!” I whisper “besides, I will clean up before she notices I was out. C’mon, let’s go have a snow day!” Sarah gives me a look of disapproval, as if she were my mom. But she reluctantly rubbed her eyes and smiled.

“Okay!” she said with another harsh whisper, but almost sweetly. She proceeds to grab her things and put hem on, and we creep out the front door. We run out and laugh, and make snow angles. We through mini snowballs and laugh some more. I take another and role it up in the snow to build the base of a snowman. Sarah joins me, and she has a big grin on her face. With the struggle of putting on the body and the head, but we manage. He faces the window I looked out of, and we build a big smile from ear to ear. We stand back and admire our work, and we hug. This, was a magnificent snow day!

Written by autumn!

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Christmas Traditions!


Cally hehaden via Compfight

Question(s) of the Day!
What are some of your family traditions? Do you do some of mine too?

The countdown has started!
Ah, Christmas, that jolly time of year for the smell of cinnamon, the taste of Eggnog with cookies and seeing all of the pretty ornaments on the Christmas tree! I have many family traditions, maybe you do too!

Christmas Lights!
One of my favorite family traditions for Christmas is going out and looking at all of the lights! I know I have said this before, but is really fun! I get to see all of the creativity in town through the colorful display for others! We jump into our vehicle with our coziest PJ’s, my mom turns on the music and we run by Tim Horton’s to but some hot chocolate and donuts, and we go all around. Through the displays we get joy from looking at them, and it brings our family closer together!

Christmas Village!
Another family tradition I generally do with my mother, my sister and my brother is set up the Christmas Village. We have a seating area that has a window that looks out onto the road, and we place down white sheets and a fuzzy felt with glitter to make the snow! We have shops, a fire house, a school, a mirror for a lake, a pathway and the residents. We set it in front of the window, and we need to keep the dog away so he won’t eat it. We then put electrical tape on the windows and and spray spray snow to make the effect of old fashioned windows. When we light up the village, and we turn off the lights it is so really quite beautiful!

Decorating the Christmas Tree!
Now, I know that pretty much everyone who celebrates Christmas decorates a Christmas tree, whether it be a real of fake one! Every year with my family and my grandparents head up to Nanimo, and we get a REAL Christmas tree from GoGo’s. We always get a tree from there, and my grandparents too. Each family (since we live in different houses) get’s there own tree! It is a fun family outing and the start to a fun December month!
When my parents, my siblings and I get home we decorate the Christmas tree we picked out we set it in the living room. My sister and brother always name the tree “Bob” or “Chuby” or “Charles”. I think this year it might be “Moreese”, but when we decorate we put the lights on first, proceeded by the garland. This is when the fun begins! As we put on the decorations we see all of the memories and we reflect on them! We might eat a cookie or two, but once the tree is done we turn off the overhead lights and we watch the magic light up the tree!

These are some of my family traditions! Thanks and comment don below! I recommend these outings because your family will love them!


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10 DecCreative Commons License starsandspirals via Compfight

Question(s) of the Day!
What is your favorite part of Christmas? What is your Favorite Desert? What is your favorite Dinner? What is your earliest Christmas memory? Comment down below!

Can’t wait ’til Christmas!
Ok, yes, as I am writing to you now dear viewer it is November 30th. BUT I DON’T CARE! I really can’t wait for Christmas! The smells, the tastes, the sights of lights and trees! The feeling of joy for Christmas is all around us, so throw me in jail for writing and putting on a Santa hat on before December. (Although this will probably be published by then!)

*Autumn, calm yourself! People are reading this!*

I loooooove Christmas. To have the smell of cookies in the oven, to here the carols on the T.V. playing at this time of year, and of course, my favorite family tradition, getting on your p.j’s and grabbing your hot co-co from Tim Horton’s and jumping in our truck and drive around town and look at all of the Christmas lights! (And of course yelling and screaming at all the presents you got under the tree, then proceeding to run from my dad as he gets out of bed when he didn’t need to on his day off!)
Yes, you heard me right. My family tradition is to get in your warmest, coziest P.J.’s and our favorite blanket, then we zip over to Tim Horton’s and get some Hot Chocolate and Tim-bits then we drive all over to admire all of the Christmas lights. We used to do this in my old town Lady Smith, where they would put up the beautiful display of lights in the narrow streets and we would watch the parade and the fireworks. My friends and fellow bloggers, Kasandra and Aerin,  have been to it. I have always really enjoyed it, but since we have moved I haven’t gone to it in a while, but the tradition lives on!
Another thing I really love about Christmas is how there are many people who come together to help the less fortunate. Many people get laid off from their jobs before the Winter Holidays, and it puts people in a tight spot, so it is always really tear-jerking to see them have help. I am going to participate in the activity by baking some apple pockets with my mom or dad, and then I will be bringing them to a soup kitchen for the people there.

While we are talking about the Holidays, I would like to talk about my favorite Christmas treats! I am going to give a countdown of my favorite holiday goodies in my top five, with one being the best. (But of course Eggnog is always going to be the best beverage!)

5. Apple Pockets!

Apple pockets are really delicious treats where you make a cookie dough, and you fold fresh, peeled apple slices inside, topped with sugar!

4. Nanimo Bars

Everyone knows that rich, sweet chocolate square that makes you really sick if you eat more then two in a row! Nanimo bars are made of rich chocolate, nuts icing and chocolate Gnash.

3.  Lemon meringue pie
I love this pie, and so does my mom. Technically it isn’t a holiday food, but I absolutely love it when we have it! Lemon meringue pie has a generic pie crust with a lemon filling, topped with the marshmallow topping meringue!

    2. Shortbread cookies
These white creamy, dry and delicious deserts are really awesome! My mom, my sister, my brother and I always help her with making them! After they cool, we eat them with EGGNOG!

And #1!!! My Grandma’s Carrot cake!
Around the holidays my grandparents on my mom’s side come down for Christmas, and most of the time my grandma will have her famous carrot cake, with cream cheese filling and icing!

This has been fun! You have made it to the end o’ the post! Merry Christmas for now, and I will make more posts on Christmas! Comment down below about the questions above, and tell me what you want me to review or write about!



Edited by Connor!`

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